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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Obnoxious Inebriation

Dear chain restaurant/chain restaurant manager…

Right now I am mightily drunk, I had deep conversations on life, racism, the war as well as our beloved restaurant industry in the last few hours, here's a few things that may infuriate you...

As well as the grammar Nazi's out there.

First off I violated the rule of having three tables/12 "guests" in my section.

I had eight tables at the height of tonight's rush (did I spell tonite wright?)

And a total of twenty four guests rolling in my section at the same time.

I suppose I could have had several (ten) less "guests" and had a better ability to give proper service, after all my chief purpose in this business is to service the "guest".

Was that period in the right place? Last time I messed with a period I got dumped, but I digress.

I guess I was a greedy son of a gun (not a bitch, my Mother's a Saint!) but with that extra ten people I made another$1,000,000 or so, at any rate a higher number than any server should deserve.

I probably could have made a bit less and provided a marginal bit of extra service, but rather than sell desserts or coffee I pushed you out of my section for another table.

"Dessert, well they're oooooooooook, no we don't have expresso...

(Apologies, espresso)

Bamn, another $200 table instead of a camper with their $5 desserts.

Then I took seven tables, one was an eight top, to the chain restaurant managers I do apologize, I should have split that table, but I was greedy.

Instead of pulling $35 on a split I put myself ahead and rolled with $70.

Oh yeah, I won the sales contest and brought home a nice bottle of wine on the house.

I guess I don't care about the guest as much as my own income...

But they are related now aren't they, I care about the guest as much as my income is involved.

But time to go, "Rocket Queen" is on my stereo and its time for one last beer before I have to wake up and play an actor again.

As we say "Peace, Love and Chicken Grease."

Was the period in the right place?


At 4:21 AM , Blogger waitress said...

I love you.

At 7:22 AM , Blogger 6th Floor blog said...

Drunken Ramblings?
The Best Kind!

At 7:24 AM , Blogger NYC Educator said...

The period usually goes inside the quote in American English. I think in Britain they do it the other way.

That doesn't freak me out as much as the apostrophe when you pluralize "Grammar Nazi." I'm an ESL teacher, so I suppose that's a large part of my job. I usually correct only the grammar of my kids.

And I wouldn't have said anything to you either, but you asked.

At 10:31 AM , Blogger richbh said...

The hell with grammar - you conveyed your thoughts and that's what is most important. It's not like you're competing for "best grammar blog" or anything, right?

As for what you wrote - BRAVO! Go for the cash. Just don't step on the toes of other servers.

At 4:18 PM , Blogger Ryan said...

Booze + Blog Read by the world + Retarded Restaurant Management = Hilarious Posts.

And on another note, who cares about grammar, about time the truth gets told, I feel sorry for servers who get screwed by management, it's just ridiculous some of the things they get away with.

At 8:45 AM , Anonymous Kris said...

Awesome! I'm so glad I work in a small place with owner/managers who don't limit our tables.

That said, when I get up to around a dozen tables in two dining rooms, I start to falter. heh

At 9:33 PM , Blogger Kate said...

This post left me imagining a slightly (er) drunk waiter waving his arms around, with apron half on, hair askew. Thanks for the laugh, it really was an adorable picture.

At 8:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol... sweet post. coherent, yet rambling and hilarious.


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