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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust

A few things about this week.

One of the managing owners came in the other night as a shitty snow/ice storm hit the area.
His entire extended family was supposed to come in for dinner, about twenty five people or so. We all were looking forward to it as he probably was going to take care of the bill and he is a pretty good tipper.

Well we had the entire party set up, had to move tables from the basement and fun stuff like that, then they cancelled.

Understandable considering the weather.

Well I came up to the owner and said, “Hey, we had that set up so nice and it took all that hard work!” in a jesting manner.

“Man, its treacherous out there, they can’t be expected to drive in this!” He responded.

“Well I made it in, apparently you expected your staff to drive here in this weather.” I said.

He was speechless and kind of gave me a queer look, then walked away.

And it was a dead night, I had three tables and a few of the reservations showed. Most cancelled, or rather I should say we called them to confirm and they cancelled.

As well a very good friend of mine was fired this week for a bullshit reason because the new management had it out for him. I might get into that another time, but it was this guy that was 86‘D with me many years ago.

He’s been with me at the last three restaurants and damn, I just hate this corporate restaurant style bullshit. It would have been one thing to be fired for fucking up, but because some ego centric manager is an impotent dick and incompetent is a totally different situation.

All of the other managers know how pissed I am and are keeping me at arms length, he was a popular guy around the restaurant and basically a legend around town as a waiter. The mood at work after he was fired was that of a funeral.

The whole day after I was furious and ready to explode. One of the assistant managers came up to me and asked if I was going to quit.

Don’t think that I didn’t think about it.

But for the moment I could use this job, I have no illusions about it, at this point I’m only in it for the money and for the short term. Sometimes I just hate this business, but that’s why I go to college, I just have to get through this year.

Not that I haven’t said that before…


At 3:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell me it's not my hero DR ?

At 12:30 AM , Blogger Secret said...

Yup, its DR


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