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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I stopped serving for this?!?

My name is Bella. I'm 25 years old, have been serving for almost a decade now (off and on, but mostly on...), and I work at a sandwich shop. It isn't a chain, just a sandwich shop.

I thought that by handing in my apron and walking away from serving, I would be escaping the crazies and jerks I encountered on a very frequent basis.

Boy was I wrong.

I'm a cashier, but I do other things too. I make tips, pretty decent tips for only working the counter, so I can't complain in that respect.

But I get my share of the idiots. Like the lady who asked if our tuna was white meat or dark meat. I understand there is a difference between the standard tuna, and chunk white albacore, but for crying out loud, this is a sandwich and cheesesteak joint!! I've been asked if things are organic. Kid you not.

And people always try to haggle the price with me. I honestly never encountered this in all my years of actually wearing an apron and carrying a winekey.

I also, for the first time in my life, run deliveries...and I have to share this gem with you.

It was dark and raining, and I received an order for delivery in an apartment community, with multiple buildings and a very poorly-planned road system. I searched for this apartment for 30 minutes, tried calling the number on the delivery slip, asking at the leasing office. No dice.

Finally by some luck of God, I found the apartment, got out of my car, and sank into a puddle that came halfway up to my knees. Cursing under my breath, I knocked on the door. The guy comes and signs his credit card slip, then says "I had to use my card, 'cuz I don't got cash, so I can't tip you, sorry."

My poor wet little heart burst in a froth of anger and I said cheerily (very faked cheer, needless to say) and politely said "That's okay, you can write it in on your charge slip and add it to the total.

I know that as a server, I used to think that counter-people had a far easier task, and delivery people had it MADE, but now I'm learning that both jobs have definite pros and cons.

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At 6:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd ask if he wrote in a tip but I think I know already.

At 11:08 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

seriousy, did he stiff you? what was the look on his face? how'd he react?

you need to add the details to your blogs if you want anyone to contiune reading them.

At 8:53 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think the guy tipped, or it would have been noted, IMO.

But definitely go into more detail. We crave details.

At 3:03 AM , Blogger The Hungry Traveler said...

I work at a 'dive' bar in a tourist district, so we get a lot of cheap bastards. My favorite is when people say "they are so broke they don't have enough to tip you"... ummm, so why the hell are you eating out/getting wasted in a bar then??


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