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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Isn't White Zin Supposed to be...White?

I once was privy to a disturbingly funny exchange between guests in my restaurant.

One of the ladies ordered white zin, with a half order of a salad (imagine that), probably with ranch on the side, but memory fails me at this point.

Well I delivered her tasty beverage and when walking past a moment later heard the following...

A discussion on why her white wine wasn't white, it was red..

I went up to the table to inquire what the issue was.

"Sir my friends ine isn't white it's reddish pink, this is a red wine." Her friend said with the certainty of a sommelier.

Ahhh, the lass's is embarrassed to ask for herself I think.

"No ma'am, that's white zinfandel"

"Well why is it red then?? White Zin is a White wine."

I explain patient that the pink hue comes from a red grape that has its skin removed during the wine production...

I was greeted by a look of puzzlement, why she, the customer that is always right, was wrong.

"Well isn't it sometimes white??" She quipped, after all she is an educated woman, I'm a lowly server.



I see the fear in her eyes, she knows I am right.

"Perhaps a Pinot Grigio would be more what you would enjoy Ma'am," I offer diplomatically.

I see the certainty returning to her face...

"Yes I think that's what I really wanted to order."

Ya, I'm quite sure, way to fight your own battles lady.

They finish up their dinner and head to the door...

I pick up the check, I don't remember the amount, one split salad and 3 glasses Pinot?

(Three glasses, one split between the two later, God forbid they catch half a buzz and have some fun, anyways...)

My guess $22.00

All I remember was the percentage,


Damn, I wish I would have made her feel more inept in front of her friend, well that's how the game is played

Its called acting, covering up ones true personality and thoughts with a facade...

As I am thinking these thoughts I am almost tempted to drink the wine she sent back, its the afternoon and no ones in the place, I'm just gonna toss it...

I recoil in disgust, striking the thought from my mind.

This is how the devil tempted Eve, it won't work twice, I opt for a Stoli Arnold Palmer instead.

You kids can keep your White Zin!


At 7:54 PM , Blogger p. said...

ack! this reminds me of my table waiting days. and quite frankly, those days are best forgotten. it made me quite ill on humanity.

great post!


At 4:51 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ack! When you meet psuedo intellectuals with the condescending attitude of one who knows enough about wine to keep his job, everyone's a casualty. Whatever restaurant you work at, i want to avoid it

At 12:09 PM , Blogger indigowhite said...

"Well isn't it sometimes white??" She quipped, after all she is an educated woman, I'm a lowly server. / "No" / "Never?" / I see the fear in her eyes, she knows I am right. -- Being a bartender, I know exactly what you are talking about! Middle class bitches thinking they know everything. I hate them so bad.

At 6:53 PM , Anonymous BMichael27 said...

omg. i thought those things only happened in ohio. The other night this snooty guy (obviously trying to impress the girl he was with)asked me what I thought was a nice bottle of red on our menu...after I told him my thoughts he went with a completely different wine. THEN...he orders our rock shrimp and peppers appetizer which has a VERY detailed description ("rock shrimp, flash-fried w/cherry peppers..blahblahblah"). I bring it out and within a few minutes i
I'm passing by the table to see how it is.

"Waiter, this isnt what I ordered! You brought me something else!!"

"No sir, thats the rock shrimp appetizer"

"Well why is it different than what it said on the menu?"

I brought the menu over, showed the description and he says nonchalantly, "Oh, I thought it was more like a green pepper with shrimp in it" ugh...MORONS


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