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Sunday, February 26, 2006

I've got the joy in my heart!

So with much joy I am hear to report that the old upper management staff at my old company has all been sacked!

The Area Vice President along with "Problem Solver" Acting GM.

Yes these are the people who fired hostesses for being to fat or pregnant.

They ran the best General Manager I've ever known out of the company for not drinking their corporate Kool Aid.

Yes, the same people that either fired or forced out 90% of the staff so that they could have little corporate worker bee's rather than keep independent minded staff and people that actually show initiative and are innovative.

They cut sections to three tables and expected us to make a living, all while hiring more staff to cover the extra sections.

Staff with little to no experience or knowledge, how did they pay for the extra staff and their training?

Raising the prices.

And cutting our pay, according to my tip log my pay dropped 30% in the last two months I was there.

While firing the experienced and loyal servers that made that place...

I didn't work there for three years only to take a pay cut from my modest average.

How do you keep the peasants in their place?

By keeping them poor, controlling their income.

Shit, I'm starting to sound like Troskey here.

Sales started to plummet, service was horrible and the same management pushed their only decent chef out of the office and made him put his things on a little table in the food prep area.

Sound like Office Space anyone?

Of course he left along with half the kitchen, so not only was the service horrible, so went the food.

I was the last waiter to go, I'd been there from day one, they fired the other two originals a few weeks prior.

After asking them their opinions about the company changes, it was decided to let them go.

Didn't know that was a firing offense, good for them they, along with several others received their unemployment.

But not after the company fought it, after all, they didn't think being a waiter was a real job either, one worthy of benefits or unemployment.

This is how misguided these people are, one afternoon the Vice President of the company walked in an unrolled all the silverware in the bar.

He found one with water spots.

He told my GM to have me unroll all the silverware in the restaurant and polish them.

200+ seats along with all of the all of the backup, about 500 in all.

You should of seen the fit I threw, I was going to walk out that very day, but my GM talked me out of it, nonetheless I didn't polish one roll of silverware...

So the top guys in the company finally got tired of reduced profit margins, ridiculously high employee turnover and floundering expectations.

Who knows what other dirt they dug up, maybe a little sexual harassment and abuse of position, I don't want to speculate...

They had the VP drive up to Wisconsin to fire the "Problem Solver"

When he got back to corporate headquarters then he got the ax.

What goes around comes around.


At 11:39 PM , Anonymous Steve said...

Thanks for the update, sometimes I worry about us as a species.

At 8:53 AM , Anonymous Fact checker said...


At 11:51 AM , Anonymous anon#237 said...

"I don't want to speculate..."

And yet, that's exactly what you just did.

At 2:34 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nephew Dude:

Glad to hear your update on your former workplace. I was left wondering what had happened after reading your blog about that.

Go ahead and sound like Trotsky. Hopefully, all these experiences you've had waiting on other people---being treated like a servant at times---will arouse your sense of social justice!


Uncle R.

At 12:47 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is justice and it was served

it just takes too long

alot of great people got used up during the process.

I personally can die a happen man
knowing those two dirt bags got whacked. The problem is they will surface some place else and be that companies new star.

Where's Marcus B,when you need him ?

At 3:03 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

would this company happed to be red lobster


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