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Saturday, April 15, 2006

An Apology

This comes from bitterwaitress, an apology from a regular customer on behalf of all the idiots out there.

No, I did not edit or proof-read this so there are some mistakes.

The reasons I am being lazy this week and reposting this are two-fold.

One, I have seen every one of these things happen and many of them happen suprisingly often, not as much at my current place of employment but still often enough.

Two, I have a ten page paper due in "International Relations" so not a lot of time this week.

I might finally do a rant or two on a couple self rightious Christian tables I have waited on and thier suprisingly (or not suprisingly) Christian behavior.

Well here is the letter for you at any rate.

"I am not quite sure how I even managed to find this site but I wanted to take a moment from a customer's perspective to comment on the threads posted here. I eat out regularly and tip starting at 20% or higher depending on performance. On the rare occasions of poor service, it is 10% and I ask to chat with the manager. I thought that was the accepted routine but after reading the postings on this site I was shocked."

"No that is to weak of a word--I was APPALLED at what appears to be the rather routine behavior of some patrons. Never in my life could I believe that customers could be so rude, boorish, and down right classless in the way they treat servers. So I wanted to publicly apologize to all servers for the following:?

-- having the audacity to change diapers at a table and then have the server clean it up

-- being insulted because a server (without specifically requesting) refilled a drink or brought out complimentary bread

-- bringing dead animals/insects to a restaurant, planting them in food, and trying to get a meal for free. In fact, any scheme to "comp" food is really low

-- insisting that buying a beverage with an alcoholic component entitles you to free beverages without the alcohol in it

-- calling back a restaurant and having a tip revoked because you "didn't know" that a gratuity had already been added or you "changed your mind" about the amount

-- being annoyed that a server used common courtesy terms such as "thank you" and "you are welcome"

-- leaving a restaurant with out paying (and new to me that the cost of the meal is often deducted from the server's earnings)

-- sitting in a restaurant for two hours, wanting frequent tea refills, spending less than $6.00, tipping 50 cents and wondering if that is OK

-- eating out on Sunday and leaving no tip because "God will provide"

-- effusively complimenting a server on great service and then leaving 10% or less as a tip

-- getting upset because a server introduced themselves by name and you just want to order quickly


At 12:59 AM , Anonymous Nic said...

Wow, how refreshing.

At 8:47 AM , Anonymous Steve said...

Go...and sin no more

At 8:51 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You cant expect everyone to act a certain way in every situation. Thats just the way it is. Some people will tip bad, some will tip good. Some will drive like jerks, some will be courteous. I know how hard customer service can be. And I do know of people who do all of the horrible things you describe in your posts (children running around, no tip, etc).

At 10:17 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out a traditional Catholic's warnings to fellow Catholics about tipping!!! In the middle of this big guide for an examination of conscience (to prepare for confession), under the section "Duties to Society," is this: " Do I treat service personnel (waitresses, waiters, clerks, busboys, maids, doormen, etc.) with dignity, respect, and consideration, and without condescension? Do I consider their time and feelings? Do I tip well, given my means, in cultures where tipping is considered the norm and, in essence, "wages"?

The site is -- the page is -- scroll down the almost the very bottom, to the examination of conscience thingy. Check the 7th or so item under "Duties to Society."

At 12:10 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously. I've waited on a single monsignor, a group of catholic priests in normal clothes and a group of priests and nuns in full-on garb. Two 20%, and a nearly 40% tip.

People are pathetic.

At 7:57 PM , Blogger Tiptop Server said...

Great site and great comments on the restaurant industry.

I have a new free training manual for servers on how to increase their tip earnings.

I would be honored if you would review it and give me any comments on it positive or negative. If you like it, please feel free to share it with your fellow servers.

I look forward to hearing from you.

J.D. Marshall


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