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Monday, September 26, 2005

Bada Ching!

So a regular comes in when I'm bartenders on a Saturday morning, he goes to me...

"Hey buddy, why are you here today?"

To which I deadpan,

"Because of a long series of bad decisions."


At 11:35 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

ouch.. that was just a little bitter.

At 10:08 AM , Blogger alpharat said...

Last week I made a pilgrimage to the bar I worked at for five years because it was going out of business. I lamented leaving the industry that night...

thanks for reminding me that it wasn't as fun as nostalgia likes to make me think.

At 4:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nephew Dude:

I'm getting addicted to your blog.

Like, I've gone back and read several entries [or are they "postings"?---I'm still learning] and the comments in reponse to them. And I'm doing this here at work! Sometimes I've guffawed out loud and one or another colleague sticks their head in my office doorway to see what's up with me.

As a co-author and co-editor of books, let me tell you: you can write.

Did I ever tell you that I used to smoke a joint after my waiter stints and would shift gears and leave all that waiter stuff behind?

No, I guess I never told you that because your 'moms' would have murdered me. But I did. Toked away and was then on to something (or on top of someone) else.

But enough about me. I'm starting to get into drugs and sex here. And I guess this is a family blog, no?

Not that I'm encouraging you to get into illegal drugs, either . . .

LOVE, Uncle R.

At 1:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

uncle r
i think just saying you had a puff after work and was able to let go of the shift
and contributed the compliment re insane writer's writing would have suffice.
pretty clear you were totaly fucked up
i smoke too but sometimes less is more

At 12:41 AM , Blogger j2 said...



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